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Z&J Technologies GmbH
Bertramsweg 6
D - 52355 Düren
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Telefone +49 (0) 2421 691-0
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Joachim Liehr, Thomas Steinwartz, Manfred Janus

Commercial Register Düren: HRB 4973
identification number for turnover tax: DE249887124


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With its verdict of May 12, 1998 "Liability for Links" the Landesgericht Hamburg clearly adjudged that by indicating a link, one may also be responsible for the contents of the linked sites and is thus liable. This can only be prevented by explicitly dissociating oneself from those contents. "Z & J Technologies GmbH explicitly dissociates itself from the contents of all linked sites on and points out that it does not have any influence on the production and contents of the linked pages, neither does it adopt those contents."

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