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Update time: 24.11.2009

Glass Industry

Valves and Equipment

Basic product range

Flue Gas and Combustion Air Reversing Valves:

  • Sliding ‘DOUBLE DECK’ valve system
  • Combined ‘SLIDING SINGLE DECK/SWING’ type valve system
  • ‘SWING’ type valve system

Other Valves and Dampers:

  • Flue gas - Shut-Off Valves (Slide or Butterfly type)
  • Flue gas - Regulating Dampers (Slide or Butterfly type)
  • Combustion air - Shut-Off and Regulating Dampers

Blanket Batch Chargers:

  • Twin-coupled charger units
  • Modular charger units
  • Electric control systems
  • Doghouse dust-covers

Combustion Air Supply and Control Systems:

  •      Air fans (axial or radial type)
  •      Measuring and control equipment
  •      Ducting

Mechanical Drive Systems for Float Glass
Annealing Lehrs