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Update time: 24.11.2009

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Shut-off Valve

Shut-off Valve (2, 3 or Push-Lever)

Design features

  • Fabricated construction
  • In the initial stage of opening and final stage of closing, the disc moves parallel to the body seat providing a friction-free motion
  • Various seat arrangements
  • A special lever mechanism connects to, and applies pressure on the centre of the disc
  • The shaft is arranged close to the valve centreline
  • Operating lever and guide levers are of nearly the same length
  • Compact design
  • Materials according to operating conditions
  • Valve actuation in accordance with customer’s requirements (man./electr./hydr./pneum.)
  • Pressure rating up to PN 10
  • Operating temperatures up to 600 °C (1100 °F)
  • Nominal diameters up to 4000 mm (160 inch)
  • Other sizes or operating conditions on request

This design guarantees

  • Low wear at the seats due to parallel and friction-free closing and opening of the valve disc
  • No jamming of lever system not even at higher temperatures, due to nearly the same length of drive lever and guide levers
  • Seat tightness by central disc connection/pressure point providing self-aligning feature
  • Low torque requirement at the drive shaft due to close proximity to the valve centreline

Operating conditions

  • High operating pressure in open as well as in closed position
  • High frequency of operation
  • Temperature differences
  • Temperature fluctuations
  • Shut-off of clean and dust laden air and gas media
  • Short closing and opening time

Service applications

  • For all clean and dust laden air and gas media